From Chad to Chad
coast 0.25 ETH

ChadNFT can become very profitable, especially at this early stage. It offers two direct benefits: Airdrops of $CHADGPT and token “X” every week.
will be the cost?
The MINT cost for ChadNFT will be 0.25 ETH.

How will it work?
You just need to keep the ChadNFT in your wallet or the wallet where you want to receive the benefits.

What about the value?

The value of ChadNFT is 0.25 ETH. 50% of the value will be used to buy $CHADGPT and 50% for liquidity. This value will be locked for three months. After this period, the $CHADGPT will be unlocked and redistributed through airdrops to all ChadNFT holders.

From the moment of purchasing ChadNFT, the holders already have the right to receive the airdrop of the week directly from the fees. After three months, in addition to the airdrop from the fees, they will also receive the airdrop from the unlocking. All NFT purchases will be converted and added to liquidity once a week. For example, in Week 1, the total number of MINTed NFTs is 10 units. With a total of 2.5 ETH, they will be converted and released after 3 months, referring to Week 1. And so on. Week 2 of entry after three months, Week 2 of airdrop. If there are no NFT entries in a given week (Week X), for example, there will be no airdrop during the distribution week of X. So, pay attention to the list that will be implemented on the website and follow the entry and redistribution weeks.

The idea behind this is to increase the token’s value so that when it is redistributed in stages, the holders can recover their investment in fractions in the short and long term.

A weekly list will be published on the website showing how many NFTs were acquired by the community, with the initial date and redistribution date. The benefit ceases to exist when the community no longer acquires NFTs or the NFTs are sold out. When the NFTs from the first investment series are sold out, a new collection with new benefits will be opened according to the scenario. Currently, we have 1000 units of ChadNFT available, with the intention of raising 250 ETH for ChadGPT, thereby increasing the price of $CHADGPT and liquidity.

ChadNFT Benefits:

Can you have ChadNFT without having Alpha Staking?

Yes, you can, and you will receive airdrops of $CHADGPT and token “X” every week, and after three months, airdrop of $CHADGPT through ChadNFT.

So what are you waiting for, Chads?
Join the ChadGPT revolution today!